Who and what is the Bijnen Meubel Group?


Family Van de Voorde


In 1928 Father Louis Van de Voorde started a wooden shoe production company in Clinge with five employees. The business flourished. When Father Louis van de Voorde shortly after the war died at the early age of 47, eldest son George continued the company, along with mother Mathilde and employees. In the 50’s, most people exchanged their clogs for shoes, but George van de Voorde could go on manufacturing wooden shoes until 1968. Not clogs to wear, but wooden shoes as a souvenir. Besides the wooden shoes they shifted to health sandals and clogs later. Etienne, the youngest brother of George, came to work in the company in the late 60s and his attempts of manufacturing  a magazine rack appeared to be a legitimate prediction. This was the beginning of " Van de Voorde Meubelindustrie  from Hulst".



Frans Bijnen


Mr. FransBijnen (2013 †) founded the company Frans Bijnen Meubelen (FBM) in 1974 in Veldhoven. He specialized in the wholesale of traditional small furniture. Over the years, the company developed into an all-round supplier of various furniture styles and products.


Mr. Bijnen decided to stop with FBM in 1996. At that moment Van de Voorde Meubelindustrie, which was one of the suppliers of FBM from the mid 70’s, took over the company.



In 2000 the company Frans Bijnen Meubelen moved from Veldhoven to the parent company in Hulst. On the new business park in Hulst a completely new plant with warehouses was built on an a  30,000 m2 site, of which 16,000m2 built. This move arranged a short connection between the warehouse  and the furniture production.


Management team


Since 2005 Dino de Voorde - the eldest son of Etienne and Ludgarda – is general director of the Bijnen Meubel Group. The board is complemented by mr. Jilt Prins, primarily responsible for the residential furniture branch. He is supported by mr. Jan Bouwman, sales manager / marketing manager. Besides domestic markets, there is also export to several countries.




To continue to grow, a number of companies are acquired through the years:


  • In October 2010 Goretti furniture was taken over. This collection then is a perfect addition to the top end of the range. The production of the Goretti collection was entirely transferred from Boven Leeuwen to Hulst.
  • In mid-November 2013 the Belgian Juvo Collection was taken over. For the Bijnen Meubel Group this takeover created a substantial presence in the Belgian market and the opportunity of expanding the sales of the Juvo collection to the Netherlands and France. All stocks have been moved to the warehouses in Hulst. With the acquisition of the Belgian Juvo Collection, an entry was made into the bedroom market and it became obvious that the segment of oak bedroom and linen closets is still a substantial market.
  •  As of July 1, 2014, all the activities and collections of Zondag were taken over. With this acquisition, the group also enter the segment " elderly" and "comfort" of the bedroom market. A market that in the near future is going to increase strongly.


Nowadays the Bijnen Furniture Group is succesfull as a Dutch furniture manufacturer and wholesaler and creates the ideal mix between customer made and mass production. The unique furniture factory in Hulst now produces the most diverse furniture. Cabinets, tables, bathroom furniture, children's furniture, desks, bedroom furniture etc. etc. By producing the furniture on ultra-modern machinery, the customer is assured of a fast, reliable and sophisticated solution that perfectly meets all the requirements.


The availability of range of materials, colors and flexible solutions the options and variations are endless. The superb collaboration of our craft professionals and the capacity of the most modern machines, assures our customers of products that meet their quality requirements , so they can make their customers as pleasant and appropriate as possible. The designers, furniture makers, painters, truck drivers, well, all the specialists of the Bijnen Meubel Group give 200% every day, so you can enjoy the final product and you can make a good impression.


With all collection brands together there is a large collection of over 60 furniture ranges including cabinets, coffee tables, dining tables, dining chairs, sofas, chairs, coat racks, bed frames etc. etc. in various styles from modern to romantic and at divergent price levels. These standard collections are partly supplied from stock within 2 weeks and some are customer made manufactured. Whether it's a small series or a huge project, luxury furniture or a vandal-proof, at the Bijnen Meubel Group, the customer is important and every order is perfectly realized.

In addition to standard programs, there is also the possibility of production of "customized mass production" for third parties. Ask us about the options possible.


Our customers



Our regular customers are divided into 3 groups:


  • The interior specialists
  • The bedroom furniture
  • Project interior specialists





  • The interior specialists

These professionals are specialized in decorating homes. They can give you perfect advise which designs, sizes and colours to best suit your wishes.


  • The bedroom furniture

These are the specialists who are aware of all aspects that concern sleeping comfort, and therefore know all the possibilities and options of our range of bedroom furniture.


  • Project interior specialists

These are our customers that are specialists in the field of project design. They design and deliver in conjunction with FBM, creative solutions for example for offices, institutions, residences, hotels and care centres but also in acoustics.