Welcome to Bijnen Meubel Group!

The Bijnen Meubel Group is a collective name for a group of furniture brands and companies belonging to the Van de Voorde family from Hulst. FBM, Goretti, VDV Meubelen and Zondag Meubelen are brands in the furniture industry that are produced by the Van de Voorde Furniture Industry and sold by the Bijnen Meubel Group to a dealer network in furniture retail and project design.

The brands below are part of the Bijnen Meubel Group:


The collection consists of various styles of FBM living room furniture, comfortable armchairs and modern small furniture products.



Goretti is not just an individual expression of personality, but also a statement of quality "Made in Holland". Because our furniture is manufactured exclusively by our craftsmen in our own furniture factory in the Netherlands, much care is thereby given to sustainability. We believe it is important to create timelessly beautiful shapes, with great attention to detail and thereby providing you an inspiring home. Trendy models disappear, but the timeless collection of Goretti with high quality finishes remains.


The biggest advantage of VDV furniture collection is that production is based on the unique production possibilities of a standard collection combined with the possibility of custom production. At VDV furniture you can discover various styles to live in. Just a little different, individual and sometimes amazing. Here you will find the furniture for your personal living environment, to live exactly as you feel. Quality, timeless and an eye-catching design. These three elements ensure that we can call the designs in the VDVmeubel collection real “design”.


Contemporary furniture, living rooms and bedrooms. These collections are the result of years of experience in the development and production of quality furniture. At Juvo we continuously search for the refinement of technique and improve functionality. Striving for perfection is in the culture of Juvo and will always remain that way. The Juvo collection is manufactured with respect  to traditional and artisanal quality. Much care is given to sustainability. In order to achieve the best end product,, the production is partly handmade. The greatest asset of the Juvo collection is the attractive price / performance ratio.


Zondag is typically a "Dutch product": substantial Dutch production of solid wood, combined with refined panels. All bedsteads have adjustable lying heights , width and the possibility of rollaway models, which answers to the demand from the comfort and care market.